Question: May I enroll in one of these courses or programs now?

Answer: No. As our first 12 campuses are built, we will offer our programs on-campus and online. Until such time, we are not accepting students except at our seminars being offered in the USA and abroad on a contractual basis only.

Question: Will HSU be an actual college?

Answer: Yes. We are beginning by offering our seminars across the country and will then offer our non-credit Certificate and Diploma programs online only. As each college campus opens we  will initially only offer the certificate and diploma programs as non-credit professional development programs.  As educational regulatory compliance is met at each campus location, the HSU project will expand into offering lower level degree programs. Then eventually, offering the graduate level degree programs and postgraduate level programs.

Question: Will the HSU programs be accredited?

Answer: Each college campus will apply for candidate accreditation status as soon as possible according to the specific accrediting agency's guidelines permit. All colleges and universities begin for as long as a four year process prior to being able to apply for accreditation. We are presently working with a national accrediting agency to see that we meet their standards throughout the process prior to opening our campuses.

Question: Will these be one of those programs where you evaluate my life experience and I get a degree?

Answer: No! You will be required to take all courses online or on-campus and complete all graduation requirements.

Question: Will these courses be "watered down" criminal justice courses? I've seen other programs out there and it is obvious that's all they are offering.

Answer: No! Our courses are specific to homeland security, counterterrorism, anti-terrorism, modern public safety and disaster management courses written by working expert in the field.

Is this program associated in any way with the US government Department of Homeland Security?

Answer: No. HSDC and the HSU Project is a private organization which has no direct ties to the DHS. The Homeland Security University system is a private corporation.

What are the locations of the proposed campuses not listed on the web site?

Answer: Because we are working with each state education and country education ministry to obtain approval at those geographical locations to grant certificates, diploma and degree programs, we are also examining property in several states which we are considering building on or procuring existing facilities. Another concern we have is security concerns and being welcomed by each state or country. In some cases, we are speaking with existing colleges and universities to consider a smaller version of our program to be offered on their campus.

What makes HSU different from other colleges and universities?

Answer: The HSDC HSU programs are not former criminal justice or military science programs which have just had some content changed and renamed. Our programs are designed and taught by people who are presently working in the homeland security profession or recently retired. With all due respect, some programs out there have people teaching topics they have not been involved with for 30 or more years. HSU is a fresh approach and only employs course designers and instructors who have current "real world" counterterrorism experience. Our courses are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are current based on newly identified counterterrorism threats.

The Homeland Security University project has hired and seeks out, only national and international counterterrorism expertise to design and teach our programs.

Couldn't you be training future terrorists?

Answer: No! As professionals in the field of counter-terrorism, we require extensive background checks prior to accepting a prospective student. Prospective students outside of the USA are required to provide INTERPOL quality background checks. Our course content in Homeland Security is also such, that it will update the student on current knowledge on counterterrorism, yet not give away national secrets or tactics used in the war on terrorism.

Will the campuses be safe?

Answer: Yes! All people and vehicles entering our campuses will be scanned by metal detection, bomb detection, and bio-chemical detection equipment. Visitors and vendors are pre-cleared prior to being invited to one of our campuses. Extensive security precautions are taken to ensure our students enjoy a secure learning environment.

HSU Campus Police will be certified police officers who have had extensive training in addition to the basic police training.

Is this a government funded project?

Answer: No. The HSU system will be a privately funded project which will not accept tax dollars or government funding of any kind. We will accept grant funding and governmental contracts for our seminars in Homeland Security and non-college-credit, professional development, non-credit Certificate and Diploma in Homeland Security programs.

Will you come to my location and provide your seminars in Homeland security?
Answer: Yes. Our seminar programs are available for governmental agencies and private corporations on a contractual basis.



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